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What Property Can a Lien be Registered Against?

Ontario’s Construction Act governs terms and payment of contracts between property owners or tenants and their contractors, including subcontractors. Any “improvement” to property could fall under the purview of the Act. The Act defines an “improvement” as any alteration, addition, or capital repair to the land; any construction, erection, or installation on the land, including […]

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The Basics of a Construction Lien

As most every contractor will be aware of, but not enough homeowners and tenants will know, when a contractor makes improvements to a property they may be entitled to a “lien” on that property, effectively giving a contractor a security interest in the property as a sort of collateral. While the lien technically exists once […]

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Important Considerations for Your Construction Contracts

It may seem like you have well-laid plans for your construction project but contractor estimates may need detailed consideration. At first glance, such agreements may seem comprehensive – addressing all major issues from pricing to fulfilment. But what does the fine print say? In the event of an unforeseen issue or change, are your best […]

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