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Inch Hammmond Business Lawyers
Inch Hammond Business Lawyers

Business Law Services

At Inch Hammond Professional Corporation, we recognize that running your business could be exciting, but there are legal rights and obligations that require critical analysis. As your business lawyers, we will ensure that your hard work and investments are protected. 12312
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Commercial Law

We can help your financial matters go smoothly by ensuring that your contracts protect your rights and interests. And if anything goes wrong, we can represent you in litigation and ensure that your business is protected.

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Bankruptcy and Insolvency

We help both creditors and debtors deal with financial setbacks. We know that these situations require a detailed understanding of bankruptcy laws and an ability to find creative solutions.

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Employees: Wrongful Dismissal

If you have been wrongfully dismissed, call Inch Hammond Business Lawyers for help. Our lawyers can help you get compensation. Call 905-525-4481.

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Administrative Law Judicial Review

With wide experience negotiating with administrative bodies, boards and commissions Inch Hammond is ready to guide you.

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Cannabis Law

The cannabis industry has grown dramatically in size since legalization in 2018. Companies in the marijuana industry are involved in the cultivation, growth, and distribution of products for both recreational and medical use.

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Employers: Conflict Resolution

Inch Hammond's lawyers have helped hundreds of employers resolve employee conflicts. We can help. Call 905-525-4481.

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Shareholder Dispute Resolution

In business, disputes sometimes surface among shareholders. The lawyers at Inch Hammond are prepared to resolve such disagreements.

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Employment Litigation

The lawyers at Inch Hammond have over a century of litigation experience. Let our experience work for you. Call 905-525-4481.

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Commercial and Corporate Litigation

Whether we are helping you with contract disputes, giving you strategic advice on employment issues or helping you defend a trademark, our aim is to keep your business running well and protect you from liability.

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Construction Law

We can help you make decisions to reduce the likelihood of legal complications. We can also defend your interests if you are part of a project that has run into trouble or turned to rubble.

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Human Rights Tribunal

Inch Hammond's lawyers have a high level of experience representing clients at the Human Rights Tribunal.

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Contract Law

Contracts are important legal agreements that involve negotiating the best terms for the parties involved. When properly written and compliant with all legal requirements, contracts can help avoid costly litigation.

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Corporate Law

We help small, medium or large businesses set up, wind down, merge and defend themselves in court. We pride ourselves on providing clients with strategic advice for daily operations.

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Defamation Law

We have assisted clients in understanding what legal avenues are available when defamation harms their business.

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Indigenous Business Law

Indigenous business law is a highly complex area that incorporates many different legal regimes. As a First Nations business owner, the jurisdictional laws governing your operations on and off reserve can be highly confusing.

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Labour And Employment Law

Nobody wants a labour or employment dispute. A conflict can become financially destructive, bring disruption to the workplace and cause stress to everyone involved.

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Leases and Leasing

We negotiate, draft and interpret commercial leases to protect your interests. Our lawyers have been doing this for 150 years and haven’t tired of it yet.

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Real Estate Law

We can help you with development, purchase and sale of commercial real estate, including office, industrial, recreational and retail property. We also handle commercial landlord-tenant issues.

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Taxation Law

We have over a century of experience helping clients with their tax issues. Our lawyers are knowledgeable about federal, provincial and municipal tax law and can advise you about your obligations.