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Defamation Law

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Defamation is a complex area of law that our firm has significant experience in litigating.  If you or your business has been harmed by defamatory comments, we can assist you in preparing and serving any notices required pursuant to the Libel and Slander Act R.S.O. 1990 c.L-12, draft cease and desist letters and commence legal proceedings to protect your interests.  If you have been accused of making defamatory comments, we can assist you in understanding your potential risk exposure and what defences may be available to you, including bringing an Anti-SLAPP motion.


For certain situations, you may require emergency action such as Anton Piller or Mareva injunctions to stop the other side in a conflict from causing you immediate harm or to force it to comply with its obligations before your business is irreparably damaged

Defamation Law

John F. C. Hammond

John F. C. Hammond (he/him)
Managing Director and President

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Amanda Jordan McInnis

Amanda Jordan McInnis (she/her)

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Zoe G. E. Kalakos

Zoe G. E. Kalakos (she/her)

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