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Inch Hammmond Business Lawyers
Inch Hammond Business Lawyers

Inch Hammond — Support Staff

Inch Hammond would like to acknowledge and express our gratitude to our dedicated support staff who demonstrate daily a wealth of legal knowledge, drive, initiative, flexibility and teamwork. Their experience, tireless dedication and extraordinary patience make the practice of law both easier and more enjoyable in so many ways such that our Lawyers are more effective, happier and, indeed, more tolerable as human beings.

Our support team stays on top of rapidly evolving priorities and deadlines while anticipating the needs of our Lawyers and clients. They accomplish essential tasks and perform essential services, including prioritizing and organization, conducting legal research, drafting and reviewing standard documents, communicating with clients, preparing hearings, trials, and meetings, and organizing and maintaining files. They maintain legal precedents, update files, undertake research, and complete the input of legal documents and forms. They also put up with the Lawyers.

Inch Hammond Business Lawyers

Our Support Team

Shiran Noseworthy

Shiran Noseworthy (she/her)
Senior Real-Estate Law Clerk

905-525-4481 x306

Lynn Prince

Lynn Prince (she/her)
Senior Legal Assistant

905-525-4481 x310

Dianne Cole

Dianne Cole (she/her)
Administrative Assistant

905-525-4481 x200

Donna Labelle (she/her)
Office Administrator

905-525-4481 x203

Dakota Devenyi

Dakota Devenyi (she/her)
Legal Assistant

905-525-4481 x307

Sandra Deforest

Sandra Deforest (she/her)
Legal Assistant

905-525-4481 x313