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Year: 2020

3 Essential Legal Protections for Your Business

Starting your own business can be an exciting time. Be it because you’ve worked up the courage to quit a corporate job and delve into your passion full-time, or because you see a business opportunity in a community’s unmet need, you’ll likely be eager to hit the ground running. While enthusiasm will certainly be a […]

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Your Intellectual Property is at Risk Without Protection

Protecting your business may seem more complicated these days than it was for past generations. It was not long ago when a business owner could lock the front door of their building and feel confident that the business was safe from thieves. In modern businesses, however, there are more factors to consider than just tangible […]

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How to Avoid Contract Disputes

No matter the size of your company, contracts will be a crucial aspect of your business. You will need them to get started, and you will need them to grow. You may need contracts with vendors, employees and clients in the course of operations. It is essential that these contracts be legally binding and advantageous […]

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What to do When Your Business Partnership Sours

Entering into a business partnership is common for entrepreneurs, especially when they find someone with similar ideas and ambitions. But ideas change, ambitions transform and partnerships can grow cold. A partnership can go bad for many reasons. Regardless of the issue, it’s critical for both you and your business partner to move forward in a […]

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